This is the A1 Judging List. Persons who have previously been approved by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates in the breed and have completed their first appointment and have the support of the Tibetan Spaniel Association. Click HERE to go back to the main judging list page.


Mrs P Atkins, Mr Norman Charlton, Sylvia, Lady Dalrymple-Hay, Mrs Anne Hamer, Miss M Sharp, Mrs Joan Smith.



Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews

Mr T Ball

Dr R Barbour

Mr A H Brace

Mr A Brown

Mr J Carter

Mr D Cavill

Mrs E Cartledge

Mr M Cocozza

Mr G Corish

Mr L Cox

Miss J Cunliffe

Mr Glen Davies

Mr Barry Day

Mrs E Dunhill

Mrs S Dykes

Mrs P Gregory

Mr G Haran

Mr P Harding

Mrs P Hollings

Mrs S Jakeman

Mr M James

Mr F Kane

Miss J Kitchener

Mr J Luscott

Mr T Mather

Mr I Millar

Mr K Nathan

Mrs P Noujaim

Mrs E A MacDonald

Mr S Mallard

Ms G Marley

Mr H Ogden

Mr Rodney Oldham

Mr E Paterson

Mr J Richardson

Mrs J Sharp-Bale

Mr K Sinclair

Mrs E Stannard

Mr P Stanton (Sweden)

Mrs M Wildman

Mrs R Willes (Sweden)

Mr P Young