Update 9th April 2023.

As many of you are already aware, the Tibetan Spaniel Association (TSA) has been undertaking Patella Luxation testing at our Open Shows. These tests have been fully funded by the TSA and are free to members of the club.

If you are not familiar with what Patella Luxation is, please see some more information at the following link CLICK HERE

luxating patella diagram

Luxating patella diagram

The issue of Patella Luxation was first brought up in the breed health survey completed by members and it was extremely important to us that this issue was thoroughly investigated.
So far tests have been completed on 59 dogs (33 tested in 2022 and 26 tested in 2023).

The good news is that all the dogs tested have come back with heathy scores and on Sunday (2nd April 2023) the vet that did the testing said that this is great news and indicates that there is no obvious problem with the breed, however she suggested continued testing would be prudent for another couple of years.

We will keep you updated with any further news as and when we have it.