Breed Rescue

The Association operates a Rescue service for Tibetan Spaniels requiring new homes. It is our policy to always let the breeder know when one of their dogs requires re-homing – in this way we aim to encourage responsible breeding.

The Association’s Rescue is coordinated by Bridget Croucher (01792 470417). Wherever possible we endeavour to send the animal direct to it’s new home rather than provide temporary care as Tibetans are sensitive to change. Remember these dogs come without pedigree and are not suitable for breeding. Rescue is not a cheap way of acquiring a Tibetan Spaniel.

If you have a Tibetan Spaniel that requires help please contact Bridget immediately. Sometimes advice can be given that will help overcome the situation and allow the Tibetan to remain in it’s current home. All information will remain strictly confidential.

Rescue dogs are often older and will need special care and attention. Some may need extra veterinary care and it is vitally important when taking on a rescue to do so for the animal’s life. Remember it has been let down once, don’t do it again.

Older Dogs
Older dogs are sometimes available having been kept for showing and then either not making the grade or simply disliking the show ring. Information can be obtained from Bridget Croucher or any other club secretary listed on our breed clubs page.