2023 Calendar

We are putting together a Tibetan Spaniel Association calendar as usual for 2023 - but we need your help please!

Can you please send through some of your best Tibetan Spaniel photographs to Bridget. They need to be sent electronically and as attachments to emails, not as part of the body of the email. Bridget would need them by the end of July 2022 please.

Please send to Bridget at bridgetcroucher01@gmail.com

Canine Genetic Testing

There is a new Canine Genetic Testing service opening in Cambridge towards the end of November 2021.  Visit the website at https://www.cagt.co.uk/ where you can sign up for email updates as they become available. February 2022, further information added, please do take a look, links provided to their website as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.