Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Tibetan Spaniels. It isn’t an exhaustive list, so if you have any questions that aren’t covered please do get in touch with us or head over to the Breed Clubs page and speak to someone from your area about owning a Tibetan Spaniel. Click on each question to reveal the answer.

If I’ve decided a Tibetan Spaniel is for me, how would I go about getting one?

If you’ve read all the FAQ’s here and think you can give a good home to a Tibetan Spaniel, then please contact the breed clubs page. The Tibetan Spaniel Association & clubs cannot recommend a specific breeder but they may be aware of any puppies that are available. There is a ‘Find a Puppy’ service available on the Kennel Club website at

Can I leave my Tibetan Spaniel alone for long periods?

No, because they like to be with their families, but can be left for a few hours once they are used to it. Check out the guidance on training puppies at the Kennel Club website

What can I feed my Tibetan Spaniel?

They will do well on any balanced diet, whether it is dry food, wet food or raw. Your breeder will supply a diet sheet and will recommend ongoing feeding. A high fat diet is not recommended for this breed.

Where can I find out more about Tibetan Spaniels?

Have a look at our breed club page at Here you will find contacts of both the Tibetan Spaniel Association and the various clubs situated throughout the UK and indeed around the world. Here you are guaranteed to find someone who is enthusiastic about the Tibetan Spaniel and can answer your questions.

Are there any health issues with Tibetan Spaniels?

Generally Tibetan Spaniels are a very healthy breed. The breeders have worked very hard to make sure that only healthy stock are bred from. One inherited eye condition has been identified in the breed, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Its’ incidence is rare. See our extensive description at It is recommended that you buy from parents who have a current clear eye certificate.

Are Tibetan Spaniels hypoallergenic?

No dogs are 100% hypoallergenic. Tibetan Spaniels do shed hair, so if you are allergic to pet hair then you may be allergic to a Tibetan Spaniel. Perhaps a visit to someone who has Tibetan Spaniels would help you decide.

How much should a Tibetan Spaniel weigh?

The breed standard for a Tibetan Spaniel is that they should weigh around 4.1 to 6.8kgs or 9 to 15lbs. The Tibetan Spaniel may weigh slightly more than this, but the key thing to be able to recognise is an overweight dog, some more advice on this can be found on the Kennel Club website at

How long does a Tibetan Spaniel live?

Tibetan Spaniels are a long-lived breed. They can live on average between 14-16 years of age, sometimes even older.

Are Tibetan Spaniels good with children?

Tibetan Spaniels make a great family dog and do love children. In fact they will generally love anyone that wants to make a fuss of them! No young child should be left with a dog unattended and it should be remembered a dog needs it’s own space to retire to at all times.

Are Tibetan Spaniels aggressive?

No. Tibetan Spaniels are a very loyal and intelligent breed, they were bred as a watch dog. They are not the least bit aggressive with people and are generally good natured with other friendly dogs.

Do Tibetan Spaniels bark a lot?

Tibetan Spaniels were bred as watch dogs and will bark if there is something they feel you need to know about, such as when the post is delivered, or if they hear an unusual noise. They will also sometimes vocalise when playing. They are not however a yappy dog.

How much should a Tibetan Spaniel cost?

You would need to discuss this with your breeder. However, Tibetan Spaniels and indeed many pedigree dogs do not cost as much as you might think. The prices of some popular cross breeds are driven by demand and breeders will charge a ‘commercial’ price that they think their dog deserves. However, breeders of pedigree dogs are more interested in the long-term interests of their breed and are merely seeking to recoup some of the money and time they spend having the puppy litter, bearing in mind that litters of Tibetan Spaniels are few and far between. Latest figures are available from the breed clubs. Prices should include microchipping, innoculations and Kennel Club registration.

How much exercise does a Tibetan Spaniel need?

As much or as little as you can manage. As a puppy all the normal dog rules apply, you should avoid over-exercising a puppy until they are around 12 months old. But once they are fully grown up, they will just as happy with a 30-minute run around the block or a 5-mile hike. There are some good tips to be found on the Kennel Club website

Do I need to trim the fur of my Tibetan Spaniel?

No, absolutely not! Tibetan Spaniel coats do not need to be trimmed anywhere, in fact it is a very bad idea. The only place it may be necessary to trim fur is on the bottom of their pads where the fur can sometimes become very long and means they slip on hard flooring, pick up an excess of dirt whilst out walking, or collect frozen water whilst out in bad weather.

How often do Tibetan Spaniels need to be groomed?

About 2 to 3 times per week, but their coat is really easy to maintain. Tibetan Spaniels do moult their undercoat in small amounts most of the time. Bitches tend to have a larger moult twice a year and dogs may be less frequent. They have a top coat and an undercoat and they will moult a little of the undercoat most of the time, so it is a good idea to brush this out regularly. They can also develop knots behind the ears, on tails and also under their armpits, so paying particular attention to this area is a very good idea. Most people find they can perform their own grooming rather than needing to go to a grooming salon.